Verisign Root Certificate  v.1.0

This root CA is the root currently used for Secure Site Certificates and Standard SSL Certificates. It is intended to be the primary root used for these products until Q4 2010 when VeriSign transitions to using a 2048 bit root.

Db2k Chinese e-Shop Builder  v.3.00

Db2k Chinese (Simplified Chinese GB2312) e-Shop Builder is a real time e-commerce solution, created with Db2k and have 3 payment processors for you to choose(PayPal,2checkout,StormPay & VeriSign). Purchase Orders and Customers databases.


VIP Access  v.

VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile is a one-time password credential that can be accessed from your mobile phone.

TrustWatch Toolbar

Protect yourself from phishing, Internet fraud, and identity theft. With the TrustWatch Toolbar you'll know instantly if the Web site you are on has been verified by a trusted third party organization and is safe for the exchange of confidential or

ViArt Shop

Customizable Ecommerce PHP shopping cart software coming with Shopping Portal Extension, multiple layouts support and with advanced set of Sales Mechanisms (Products reviews and ratings, Discounts mechanism, Shipping and Stock mechanisms, etc), Web-based

FileFuzz  v.1.0.2510

FileFuzz is a graphical Windows based file format fuzzing tool. FileFuzz was designed to automate the launching of applications and detection of exceptions caused by fuzzed file formats.

IDACompare  v.0.1

IDACompare is a plugin designed to compare and match up equivalent functions across two IDA databases. IDACompare was primarily designed for analyzing changes across , it should also find good use when conducting patch analysis.

SSLBuddy  v.

SSL Buddy will walk you, step by step, through the process of securing your web sites and applications.

SysAnalyzer  v.1.0

SysAnalyzer is an automated malcode run time analysis application that monitors various aspects of system and process states.

ComRaider  v.0.132

COMRaider is a tool designed to fuzz COM Object Interfaces.

PLi® DM500 WikiPedia  v.1.0

This is a desktop application written in Adobe AIR for DM500 users who use the Pli Software and want direct access to the Pli DM500 wikipedia called PLi Wikipedia Tools.Will work on the MAC and Windows (XP/Vista) 100%.

SecureMessenger  v.

AntraSOFT Secure Messenger is a stand alone email program which provides end-to-end security for highly confidential information communicated via electronic mail using security public & private 1024-bit key (security certificate) and POP3/SMTP protoc

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